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No 8 - Mt. Cecilia Trail

On foot         Great Interest: Flora Great Interest: Panorama 
  • Departure: Baone (Baone)
  • Arrival: Baone (Baone)
  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Length: 5 km
  • Difference in height: 170m
  • Involved Municipalities: Baone
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Park your car in Baone town square, follow the road leading to Valle San Giorgio and reach Via Lucerna; go uphill on a stretch of concrete road, then take a carriage road lined with hedges of field maples, paper mulberry, brambles, hawthorns, and lilacs. Then turn left and follow the trail running along an olive grove. On latite outcrops along the itinerary, the characteristic exfoliation joints can be observed: these are alterations occurring in homogeneous rocks when exposed to weathering. Go right at the crossroads, among hop-hornbeams, nettle trees, locusts and ashes; the undergrowth is rich in asparagus, field elms, maples, hawthorns, butcher's-brooms and spindles, which owe their Italian name ("Berretta del prete", i.e. priest's cap) to the characteristic shape of their fruits. Go up left at the following crossroads; elms, Cornelian cherries, maples and ashes can be observed along this stretch, until a clearing. Going on on the right, the vegetation becomes sparser, and mostly consisting of locusts. After a long stretch, a detour leads to the ruins of the Medieval castle of the Baone family; a flight of stone steps leads to the ruins, that are definitely worth a visit. A wood of downy oaks, followed by more locusts, is visible while going back to the main path. A little farther, by the barrier, some gorgeous Judas trees stand out.

The 'vegri' of Mt. Cecilia
The 'vegri' of Mt. Cecilia
(photo by PR Colli Euganei)

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