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No 29 - Cava Monte Croce and Creste Trail

On foot         Great Interest: Flora Great Interest: Wildlife Great Interest: Panorama 
  • Departure: Loc. Ex Cava Monte Croce - Battaglia Terme (Battaglia Terme)
  • Arrival: Loc. Ex Cava Monte Croce - Battaglia Terme (Battaglia Terme)
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Difficulty Level: none
  • Length: 2.9 km
  • Difference in height: about 250 m
  • Involved Municipalities: Battaglia Terme
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Reaching the point of departure

From Padua or Monselice, reach Battaglia Terme and follow the signs to Galzignano Terme. You can park your vehicle near the path's point of departure, by the entrance of the former quarry of Monte Croce.



Length of the Creste trail: 5.4 km

Length of the itineraries on the former quarry of Monte Croce: 2.7 km

Recommended period for the visit: throughout the year, especially in the spring and autumn

View of Monte Croce
View of Monte Croce
(photo by PR Colli Euganei)

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The quarry of Monte Croce is a significant place because of the environmental restoration carried out after quarrying was over, and because of the scientific value of its geological features.

A very diverse environment settled over time in the former quarry, which is rich in dips and humps created by debris. Pioneer plants have colonised the environment, and in the most hollowed area an interesting wetland forms in rainy periods.

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