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No 10 - Mt. Gallo Trail - Monte delle Grotte and Monte delle Basse

On foot         Great Interest: Flora Great Interest: Panorama 
  • Departure: Loc. Via Roverello (Galzignano Terme)
  • Arrival: Galzignano Terme (Galzignano Terme)
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Difficulty Level: E - Hiking (level)
  • Length: 3.5 km
  • Difference in height: 300m
  • Involved Municipalities: Galzignano Terme
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The trail crosses the hills that surround the town of Galzignano Terme to the south side; once the motorized vehicle has been left in the parking lots of the urbanized area, the journey starts from Via del Calto and proceeds past a first group of houses and crops, until it starts the climb that leads, after a hairpin bend, to an equipped area, in the near a cross; from this panoramic point it is possible to observe Villa Olivato. The route crosses a chestnut forest rich in aquiline ferns, with ups and downs that lead first to the top of Monte delle Basse and then to Castellazzo, then to the ridge that leads to Monte delle Grotte. Looking towards the valley, at the points where the wood gives way to the vineyards, you can enjoy towards the south the view of the hills of Battaglia Terme, the Rocca di Monselice and the Ricco, Calbarina and Piccolo hills.

No 10 - Mt. Gallo Trail - Monte delle Grotte and Monte delle Basse
No 10 - Mt. Gallo Trail - Monte delle Grotte and Monte delle Basse

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To reach Monte delle Grotte, at a crossroads, turn right and begin a short climb but with a stronger slope going up between elders, locust trees and field maples. You then cross a stretch of forest from which you can see the Hermitage of Monte Rua, the old church of Galzignano Terme, to the left Valsanzibio and the plain of Monselice. In almost natural continuity with the M. delle Grotte - M. Gallo ridge is the beautiful Italian Garden of Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani, among the most important both for its extension and for its baroque composition.

Among the interesting species in the undergrowth we find the wild asparagus and the tamaro or tamina grapes. In summer or autumn it happens to be hit by a strong pungent smell, it is a mushroom with a particular shape, the Phallus impudicus or devil's egg.

From the Monte delle Grotte to the slopes of Monte Gallo the trail proceeds uphill, sometimes even strong, among ash trees, elders, locust trees, oaks and hawthorns; gradually the vegetation is enriched by the presence of hornbeam, field maple and terminal sorb.

The route proceeds with a softer climb up to its terminal point at a house in via Roverello in Case Steogarda, which can easily be reached by the homonymous pass between Faedo and Galzignano; just following this last direction there is a detour to the right of the main road which, through an unmarked path, leads downhill to the Cengolina road and the center of Galzignano Terme.

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