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No 19 - Path of Monte Ortone

On foot         Great Interest: Flora Great Interest: Panorama Great Interest: Religion 
  • Departure: Loc. Monteortone - Abano Terme (Abano Terme)
  • Arrival: Loc. Monteortone - Abano Terme (Abano Terme)
  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Length: 3.6 km
  • Difference in height: 150m
  • Involved Municipalities: Abano Terme, Teolo
  • Show the map

Time is intended for a trained hiker, it could vary depending on the preparation and the interest for the itinerary features.

The most convenient starting point for parking is located at the Sanctuary. The walk begins on the right side of the church, where access to the "Via Crucis" is also indicated; A steep but not difficult climb allows you to enjoy a splendid view of the religious site and the plain of Abano Terme and Padua.

View of Monte Ortone
View of Monte Ortone
(photo by: Emiliano Zandonella)

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Following the ridge, the trail traces suggestive tracts in the Mediterranean “pseudomacchia” with abundant presence of Erica arborea, corbezzolo, nespolo, ligustro and bagolaro, mixed in the summit section at roverella and the first chestnut trees. In the spring, the undergrowth is rich in flowering of viola canina, fiordaliso, silene ciondola and muscari azzurro. At the top you can see the minute Ipocisto, a few centimeter parasite seedlings with yellow-orange flowers. In the oak forest you can see specimens of rovere and oak of Dalechamps. Chestnut dominates the northern side of the hill; there are also some examples of Austrian Black pine.

Along the way there are some panoramic points between the branches of the trees, particularly towards the north plain, the Venetian Prealpi and the dolomitic peaks.
In the rest area at the top of the hill is the cross symbol of the summit; from here you descend the trail along the west side, with a panoramic view on the Euganean Hills, alternating traces of falsoplanes to other steep, with rock climbing ladders and handrails.

On this side, observe the old dry walls on the terraces once cultivated by the Friars. There are also testimonies of the Second World War: an anti-aircraft shelter and the ancient cloister where a German command was installed.
A curiosity at the margins of the trail is the presence of the “Tana dei Libri”, an initiative born to allow reading through the free exchange of texts.
After some bends, you can reach the road near the Scolo Rialto, turn to the south side until you get to the road near some houses, or continue until you reach the trail that rises from the Sanctuary, completing the ring.

From the access near the Rialto River, a convenient trail runs along the north side to the edge of an old quarry, now colonized by an interesting vegetation; water-restraining areas have been created by the material supply and here there are typical wetlands such as pulegio, centauro and graziella. Leisser's Dandelion and Enula fall through the stones. From here, it is possible to return to Monteortone, or drifting up the trail, joining near the crest line with the trail from the Sanctuary.

Botanical Curiosities
Among the rare and interesting appearances are: Carex distachya, Anogrammma leptophylla, Verbascum phoeniceum, Pulicaria vulgaris, Mentha pulegium, Pilosella piloselloides subsp. Praealta, Cytinus hypocystis, Dryopteris cambrensis subsp. Insomnia, capricular fever, Platanthera bifolia, Listera ovata.
Between the slopes of the Colle we can encounter some mycological species considered rare for the euganeic area such as Suillus luteus, perhaps the finest fungus belonging to Genre Suillus; Hygrocybe psittacina and Hygrocybe helobia, small fungus with bright red-scarlet color.

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