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Hermitage of S. Maria Annunziata on Monte Rua

Camaldoli monks founded the hermitage at an elevation of 416 m a.s.l. (documents show that two hermits from the Camaldoli community of St. Mattia di Murano lived here in 1335). It hosts some Fathers of this order, which follows the rule of St. Romuald, a Benedictine monk born in Ravenna in 950 AD. The hermitage was originally built in wood, but it was completely rebuilt in stone in the 16th century, and it fits very harmoniously with the surrounding environment. The mighty walls enclose 14 cells, which look like little houses consisting of a room to sleep and study, a chapel with an altar, a bathroom and a woodshed; each cell has a fenced vegetable patch outside.

The church, built in 1542, has a single nave and side chapels, a wooden choir, and simple decorations. A fine iron gate, built by the Contarini family in 1550, separates the hermitage and the guest house. Despite the strict seclusion, in special periods of the year monks are allowed to be visited by their relatives and to walk around the hermitage.

Information: 049/5211041.

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Hermitage of S. Maria Annunziata on Monte Rua
Hermitage of S. Maria Annunziata on Monte Rua
(photo by PR Colli Euganei)
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